Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Even More on Iran

It's looking more and more like the situation with Iran is going to be a giant mess. Experts are predicting that Russia and China will veto any serious sanctions in the Security Council, the US and France are insisting that the time for talk is over unless Iran unilaterally suspends its nuclear activities, Charles Krauthammer is slamming the Europeans for dragging their feet for two years in futile negotiations, some pundits are arguing that only negotiations can lead to an acceptable resolutions, while others claim that its time for airstrikes to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities (although Simon Heffer in the Telegraph hopes that any strikes will be approved by the UN, which seems unlikely).

As I said earlier, the only viable solution to this mess seems, to me at least, to move forward on the Russian proposal to enrich uranium in Russia and ship it to Iran. Neither military strikes nor economic sanctions seem to have much chance of a successful outcome.

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