Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Global Incident Map

A new resource has come to my attention and I wanted to mention it here. It's the Global Incident Map, and it's a fantastic tool for anyone studying terrorism in any form. The map displays icons representing various "global incidents" of actual terrorist attacks, suspicious events, and other relevant goings-on.

For example, looking at the US right now (9:48 AM, Tuesday, February 5, 2008) shows 19 incidents, ranging from unidentified white powder in an envelope in Virginia to a suspicious package found in San Jose to bomb threats in South Dakota. Pulling the map over to Africa, we see icons representing an attack on the Israeli embassy in Mauritania, the bombing of the Saudi embassy in Chad, and pirates seizing a Russian ship off the coast of Somalia. Pakistan shows a report from arrested al Qaeda militants that 600 suicide bombers are planning a major attack in Karachi, while in the Philippines, government soldiers clashed with Islamic rebels.

A fantastic tool for keeping track of terrorism, insurgencies, political violence, and suspicious acts around the world. Check it out.


A said...

That's really a lot more incidences than I would have expected, and I thought I kept up with the news pretty well.

Anonymous said...

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