Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sudan Rejects UN Peacekeepers

Shocking. Sudan has decided to block the UN from deploying peacekeepers into Darfur to protect the people who are being raped and killed by militias sponsored by the central government. There are currently 7,000 peacekeepers from the African Union in Darfur, but they have proven largely ineffective. Additionally, the UN estimates that nearly twice that number are needed to protect the Darfurians (?).

As I have said many times, the UN needs to decide between protecting sovereignty and protecting human rights. It just can't do both.


stefan moluf said...

Is it now up to NATO, then?

fdelondras said...

In the alternative is it time for some nation to take unilateral humanitarian action???

Seth Weinberger said...

In a word, yes. Let's hope NATO, or at least the US, decides to save these poor people and bring another murderous regime to its knees.