Friday, May 04, 2007

Goodbye and Good Luck!

This semester, it was my distinct honor and pleasure to teach the Research Seminar in International Relations, which is the capstone class for all of the IR majors here at UPS. For the class, each student produces a major seminar paper, and they are quite good. I thought I'd share the titles, so everyone can see what issues the students of today (and the policy makers of tomorrow) are dealing with.

So, here are the papers my students are working on:

Kait Alley: The Consequences of Neglect: The International Security Implications of the HIV Crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa

Jennifer Badewitz: Water Management for Developing Nations: A Framework for Addressing the Threats of Water Scarcity

Cody Costello: The Millennium Challenge Account: Money, Development and How Best to Help

Ryan Dumm: U.S. Foreign Aid and the Palestinian Authority: Evaluating Efforts to Destabilize Hamas

Lindsay Heppe: Getting U.S. Grand Strategy Right: The Role of Legitimacy and Multilateralism in the War on Terror

Chelsea Howes: Nixing NGO Niches: A Case for the African State

David Johnson: Genocide and the Media: Shaping Intervention

Zorba Leslie: The Convergence of Fear and Politics in Our War on Terror

Helen MacDonald: Developing Sub-Saharan Africa

Emily Moody: Nuclear Terrorism

Christopher Pohlad: U.S. Engagement Policy and the Prospect of a Liberalized China

Jennifer Swift: Looking Forward Through Looking Back: An Economic Criticism of Democratic Peace

Jennifer Zimburean: The Environmental Catch-22: Developing in the Name of Sustainable Development

I wish them the best of luck as they end their college careers!