Monday, November 26, 2007

Missile Defense or Non-Proliferation?

Russia has announced that it is ready for dialogue on the proposed missile defense shield the US wishes to construct, partly in Eastern Europe. While Russia opposed to the shield, which the US has declared to be a critical component of its national security policy, both sides seem to be open to compromises intended to reassure the Russians without undermining their deterrent capabilities.

I've blogged before about my skepticism of the utility of developing such a shield, mostly on cost-benefit grounds. That skepticism, however, reveals the potential for some interesting possibilities. For example, if Russia wants the US to move, scale down, or back away from developing a defense shield, Russia should be willing to give the US something in return. And that something would be most valuable if it helped accomplish the goals that the shield is designed to address -- the threat of the proliferation of WMD and ballistic missiles. So what could Russia offer the US that would be of use in that area...hmmm....I don't about...oh...

Increased pressure on Iran to comply with UN demands about the Iranian nuclear program? If the US intends to compromise at all on the missile shield, the price should be nothing less than Russia's complete cooperation in pressuring Iran to comply with its obligations under the NPT. That would be a worthy return on an unwise investment.


Steve said...

I certainly hope your machievelian analyses of our SDI strategy is correct but I don't give our state department that much credit. They seem to follow the iron fist in a velvet glove philosophy. (except they forgot the glove) Subtlety isn't exactly their strong suit.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Iran's desperate attempt to upstage the Annapolis Awakening by announcing scary new 2K kilometer (1.2K miles for the uncivilized) range missiles effectively targets nearly every city in Mother Russia. And such weaponry deployed may arouse rather bearish reflexes. Iran's Weapon of the Week Double Feature reveal that Russian lasse fare with Iran may last only

"...until there is conclusive evidence showing that Iran has the capability to
launch long-range nuclear-armed missiles..."

This is significant. True best girlfrienemies often hook up on short threats. Like in WWII when American GI's and Red Army troops hooked up face to face in victory after ripping the guts out of Nazi time Germany and cutting her in half.

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weezieinc said...

1. if your gonna plug your blog, make sure its good!!
2. Seth, what happened to your Saber Rattling about Iran? Don't they have a nuclear weapons program as we speak? The bomb is coming in what 08 or 09? Oh man, hawks are hilarious...especially ones that try to act like concerned doves. The NIE put that to I guess no blogs about Iran for a while huh..